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BOOK DESCRIPTION  - book published in 2015 - see Amazon or Blurb 

     Doren and Photography celebrates the life and collection of Arnold T. Doren (1935-2003) who was a protégé of Minor White, a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology (1957) and a well-known professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Doren’s dedication to photography resulted in a lifelong pursuit of his own work and decades-long career helping countless students reach their potential.   His forty-year research project evolved into a collection of over 100,000 photographs that spanned the entire history of photography. This book presents a segment of Doren’s collection along with his biography and a portfolio of his exquisitely printed photographs.  Both Doren’s collected pieces and his own photographs verify his precise eye for a significant and beautifully crafted image as well as his appreciation for diversity in human expression.

     Of the 59 photographers represented, 38 are internationally recognized.  The first recorded biographies for two important photographers, Robert M. Mottar and Joseph Tenschert, (Tenschert and Flack) are included.

     This book is available on Blurb and Amazon.   Hardcover, dust jacket, 12 inches square, 182 pages.  The book is limited to 500 copies.

ISBN 978-0-9906948-0-9

Library of Congress Preassigned Control Number 2015903453

     Represented in the book are the following photographers:

Gary Edward Adams, Tim Barnwell, Karl Blossfeldt, Roberto Brosan, Peter C. Bunnell, Julia Margaret Cameron, Caroline L. Cornish, Pamela W. Crist, William A. Davis, Jerry Dell, Arnold T. Doren, Kurt Eslick, Adelaide Hanscom, Cherl T. Harrison, Jessica Hines, Richard Jaquish, Ellen Fosue Johnson, Consuela Kanaga, William E. Knox, Dorothea Lange, Clarence John Laughlin, Gil Leebrick, Jacquelyn Tait Leebrick, ADÁL  (Adal Maldonado), Lorran Meares, John Menapace, Tom Millea, Robert M. Mottar, David Grant Noble, E. M. Newman, Sandy Noyes, Susan Mullally, Willie Osterman, Patrick D. Pagnano, John Pinderhughes, Ruth Pinnell, Constant Puyo, Michael Wilder Read, Arnold T. Rosenberg, Guy de la Rupelle, Henry Sapp, John Scarlata, Ken Van Sickle, Giorgio Sommer, Maggie Taylor, Tenschert and Flack,  John Theilgard, George Tice, Jerry Uelsmann, Underwood and Underwood, David Vestal, Sam Wang, Phil Wakeman, Eva Watson Schütze, Minor White, Cordelia Williams, Merry Moor Winnett, Marion Post Wolcott and Lucia Woods.







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